Sunday, February 25th, 2007: First Annual Academy Awards Customer Appreciation Night

Welcome to our very first annual Academy Awards customer appreciation night. We have created this evening as a way of showing our appreciation and gratitude to our loyal customers and friends. It truly was a wonderful evening and we are glad that everyone had a wonderful time.

Our guests were treated to a full three course meal with champaigne served on white linen tableclothes. Our wait staff were dressed in their finest white jackets and everyone else were dressed in tuxedos or party dresses. The guests arrived by limousines and were escorted into the restaurant to be seated.

Jonathan Roob of Jonathon’s Portraits, was the photographer for the evening and took all of the pictures. You can see them by clicking through the pictures below. All pictures have been released for personal use.

Your Hosts,
Pete & Zena Panayiotou