Sunday, February 24th, 2008: Second Annual Academy Awards Customer Appreciation Night

Our second annual Academy Awards Customer Appreciation night was held, Sunday, February 24th. Customers were again invited by drawing names of all those that submitted entries.

The restaurant was decorated with fancy white table cloths, a special menu of steak, lobster or salmon was served along with bottles of champagne at every table. Everyone was asked to dress up for the occasion including the wait staff. it was a wonderful evening of food and watching the academy awards on the big screen TV.

It was a night to remember and was a different and pleasant way to show our gratitude to all our customers. Below are some pictures from the event. The photographs were taken by Jonathan Roob of Jonathan’s Portraits. He has released all the pictures for reuse. We hope you enjoy the pictures! Pete.

Your Hosts,
Pete & Zena Panayiotou