Dinner: $40/person


Combination: Chopped Liver & Gefilte Fish


Matzo Ball


  • Brisket of Beef
  • Roasted Half Chicken
  • Lake Superior White Fish

All entrees are served with Kishke, Vegetable and oven brown Potato


Wine or beverage throughout your meal


Flourless Chocolate Cake or Spongecake with coffee

Carry Out Menu

Half Pan of Chicken (24 pieces): $34.99
Full Pan of Chicken (48 pieces): $64.99

Half Pan of Beef Brisket (4 pounds): $64.99
Full Pan of Beef Brisket (9 pounds): $129.99

Half Pan of Oven Brown Potatoes: $29.99
Full Pan of Oven Brown Potatoes: $49.99

Half Pan of Steamed Vegetables: $29.99
Full Pan of Steamed Vegetables: $49.99

Side Dishes

  • Matzo Ball with Soup: $1.99
  • Kishke by the pound: $14.99
  • Chopped liver by the pound: $6.99
  • Gefilte Fish: $3.99

Half Pan serves 8-12 people
Full Pan serves 18-24 people